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The Choice

You've eyes that pierce deep in my heart
Plunge into my soul
I feel your body close to me -
I will never turn to see

I know that if I do
He will be forgotten
I will fall into temptation -
Lose all I have sought

You haunt my dreams and fantasies
When we make love
It’s you I see
I feel your spell pulling at me -
I will not give in

Leave me now
It's him I want
I know you will not last
You will weave into my heart
Deftly pull my life apart

And in the morning
When I wake
I know you won't be there
I will have lost what I love most
Just to taste the forbidden

I know that in the depths of your eyes
There brews lust and betrayal
I do not want that for me
Before I turn to see…

Kandace Blevin 2/12/92
rewrite 2-13-03


Countdown To Freedom

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