You tantalize me with delusions and visions.
You whisper to me a life with no decisions.
You carry me deep into your realm,
And make me a prisoner of your hell.

My darkest obsession – my God, I want you!
Your love and your lust flow through!
I'll never escape you - I'll never try.
I'm trapped, not frightened,
I feel safe inside.

When you leave, I am empty - hardly a shell.
I stare at the walls of my personal hell.
The blackness envelops me in its arms,
And protects me from any and all harm.

And what do I do?
I dream of you - a twisted unholy longing for you.

My body is limp, though my blood runs high.
The anticipation makes me cry!
I feel so real when you are near,
My nerves stand on edge.

You carry me to the cliff of life,
Thrust me over the ledge!


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