True Love

I watch the lovers parting with a longing kiss.
They cling to one another as if to separate would mean death.
I see them devour one another like hungry animals,
Then the movie ends.

I am left with my own desire.
How many have true love?
Do I have true love?

Uneasily, I cast my eyes about the room that is my home.
I stop at the sight of my infant daughter.
Her chubby body is so still and peaceful,
Her amber gold curls cling to her face.
My God alone gave me my girl.

I enter my son’s room.
He is so young, but already I can see the man developing in him:
His sleek tanned back, his long legs, his light golden hair.
He already is my pride.

And finally I come upon my bed.
I see the man that I love.
This is the man that holds me at night.
This is the man that shares his dreams with me.
This is the man that will listen to my desires, and calms all my fears.
This is the man that will kiss away my tears.

Do I have true love?
How could I ever doubt?
I have my dear family,
And that is what my life is about.

Kandace Blevin 8-14-99

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