Undertake The Journey

I stand here at the mountain base
Not hopeless - yet, but daunted.
Such heights I have not yet attempted,
But the trail begins to beckon.

Such indecision has tortured me.
The treacherous cliffs have called.
How easy it would be, I think, to just give up & fall.

The ties that bind can strangle me,
But also stay my hand.
Two paths I have before me now:
Climb high or just let go.

Do I wish to end it all?
No, I think not yet.
The final chapter is not yet writ,
And the cliffs will still be there.

With a sigh & tenuous resolve,
I shift my burden slightly.
I gaze up at the path before me,
And take the first step of my journey.

Kandace Blevin 12/29/08

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