Love Letters from A #7

Hi there my love.

It was so good seeing you today. You look so hot and sexy. God, I miss you so much! Every time I see you and talk to you, I feel so much better and have so much more hope for us.

You are so amazing, baby! I want nothing more than to hold you in my arms again. Knowing that you are willing to wait for me makes me feel so much better and gives me so much more hope. All this is just driving me so crazy. I feel so broken inside and my heart hurts when you are not around. I hate feeling so alone.

I keep telling myself it will all be over Monday and I hope it is, but there's a part of me that's so afraid it won't be. I just want to be happy and laugh again, to see the sun shine again and be done with all of this loneliness. To be comfortable in your arms so I can squeeze you. To kiss your lips and make love to you again and put all this shit behind us. I just love you so much, my love.

Well baby, have a good night, my sexy love. I'll write again soon. I'll be dreaming about you, my love. I miss you.

Love, your lonely man, A.

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