Love Letters From A #54

Hi baby. How's it going, my sweet love? God, I miss you so much. I was off today and with nothing to do, I sleep way too much. I hope I can sleep tonight.

Have I told you how much I love you, my sweet, sexy baby? I want to hold you in my arms so bad and kiss you all over. It won't be too much longer. Next week! God, I can't wait!

I didn't get your picture today. It's okay baby, I'll see you real soon and in person. I hate not having anything to say that's new, but nothing goes on here. Same old stuff everyday. I still want to write you every night, so you'll know I'm thinking about you. You're on my mind all the time, baby, and I miss you.

Well my love, I'm going to go so I can bring the state to an end and go to sleep. I love you with all my heart and miss you so much. Goodnight, my love and sweet dreams. I'll be with you real soon. XOXOXO 

You're with me always, my love.

Love, A.

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