Cleaning Out The Emails

4198 emails...Yes, 4198 emails that have been sitting in my inbox. Everyday, when I look at the latest emails, I glance over the bold, black letters denoting a new email, and click only on the ones that are pertinent at this moment...clients, appointments, family. All newsletters are looked over. I'll occasionally read through the latest News emails like The Guardian or New York Times.

It occurred to me this morning that this electronic clutter is every bit as psychically draining as having clutter all over my house. It also occurred to me that if I haven't looked at it in a week, I never will, and the world hasn't fallen down around me. So, I purged. It felt amazing, liberating! As I watched the numbers shrinking, I felt lighter!

You would think that you may have regrets. I will occasionally feel a twinge of regret when I think about a sweater I donated that would have been perfect. I sometimes think about there may be some vital info sitting in that letter I just shredded, but then I take a breath at move on. Honor the past, then embrace the future.

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