My Mind is as Mysterious as the Moon

I have been so very depressed the past week. I suspect it has to do with not eating properly, slow sales this month, lack of sleep, and a general feeling of being overwhelmed.

I have these dueling desires within me that urge me to expand and create, and another that wants me to pull back and recenter. The desire that dominates depends upon the day and my mood. Evidently, during this Blood Moon and Mercury in Retrograde, I am needing to hide.

September has been a terrible month for money. It is like all of SWFL decides to hold its breath the month before October. I know that with the changes I have made in my business, as well as Season coming, I will be just fine. That is little comfort to me, though, when the wolves are barking at the door, looking for their pound of flesh.

I know that during a Retrograde, you are not supposed to make any serious decisions, and yet, I have been making them left and right! I hope that nothing I do will be something I regret. Ironically, though, that is what owning your own business is all about. You keep throwing darts at the target until eventually one sticks, then you try to duplicate it.

I have been mulling over a very big decision for the past few months, and I finally pulled the trigger today. One, with some regret, and the other with glee. I feel that ultimately, both decisions will be for the best, but no matter how many Tarot readings I do, mentors I discuss with, and friends I commiserate with, I can't help but wonder if I made the correct decisions.

I suppose I am just rambling now. It is time for bed, so I will close for the moment. Check back for the next big saga! ;-)

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