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My 44th Birthday

I attained the ripe old age of 44 yesterday. I truly had no intention of writing a blog post about this, but my Facebook memories served ...

Here’s What Happened When a Guy in Amsterdam Quit Sugar for a Month

One of the most difficult challenges of our day is trying to live a clean, sugar-free lifestyle. From a massage therapist's standpoint, sugar feeds inflammation and pain in your body. It also adds weight and bloating, which causes increased strain on your muscles and joints. Sadly, it is a very difficult endeavor to undertake.

Detoxifying your body takes at least 7-10 days before you can rid yourself of the sugar cravings. If you can get through it, though, the way you feel is a reward in itself, not even mentioning the health benefits that you enjoy. I know that for me, it was the first time I realized I could suck my stomach in. It was such a silly thing, but it hit me that I hadn't been able to do that for years!

In this video, this young man uncatalogued his one month mission to give up all sugar, alcohol, and processed food. The results were incredible! I hope you will consider this, if not for life, at least for a month. Here's to your health!

Here’s What Happened When a Guy in Amsterdam Quit Sugar for a Month http://www.takepart.com/video/2015/10/03/heres-what-happened-when-guy-amsterdam-quit-sugar-and-alcohol-month?cmpid=tp-ptnr-eatlocalgrown Watch now:

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