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Missives from the dating battleground, codename Maneater - Part II

It has been several weeks since my most recent mission ended. Since then, I have been out in the field continuously, trying to catch up with the times through an immersion study. It has been both delightful and utterly exhausting!

I have found that I truly love working with another female agent (or more), because it allows us the ability to canvas a larger territory and brings us fresh intel from multiple viewpoints. I do appreciate my fellow male agents, as well. They bring a rich perspective to the table, that allows for deeper penetration and insight into the available specimens. Their value is not to be underestimated or undervalued. Additionally, they provide incredible back up if a specimen gets too aggressive or intimidating.

Surprisingly, we have run across some intriguing specimens. In fact, just last night, we met a unicorn! He was attractive, wealthy, traveled extensively, lived abroad, and was a philanthropist. The problem? He was a decade and a half younger than us all. With that said, he was absolutely adorable! You must always be on guard, though, when dealing with one of a younger specimen. Sometimes, they can be wonderful, and what they lack in technique, they more than make up for with enthusiasm. Their lack of years can pose a problem, though, with emotional maturity. Just as we met a unicorn, we also had a recent brush with a less...poised...young man.

I have been quite ambivalent about undergoing a new solo mission. I spent all of my youth in deep cover, raising my children, and getting established. At this point, I feel as though I should spread my wings and begin working on that list of travel destinations. I am almost afraid of meeting a new mission, because I may fall deeply into the role, and be unwilling to extricate myself for travel and mental expansion. In truth, it terrifies me.

Perhaps, one day...perhaps, not.

Signing off,


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