The Next 30 Days

I feel that I have gained more clarity over the past couple of days. I feel like my thoughts are clearer, and my goals are more formed.

As such, I have decided to undergo a 30 day purge. My plan is to avoid alcohol, soda, or refined sugar. Additionally, I will drink at least a gallon of water each day. Finally, I want to do a plank for at least 30 seconds each day.

Here is my picture at the beginning of my journey. I have noticed that my complexion has been suffering recently. I know that I have been overworking myself. When I do that, I end up burning myself out, and then I need several days to recuperate. I have also been socializing more in an effort to retain some life in addition to work. This is not healthy. The stress of being so unsettled has been weighing on me. 

I would like to see if I can cleanse my system during this 30 day time. I hope that on the other side of this, I will be able to continue building upon this. I recognize that this will be a challenge for me, but it is my hope that through rehydrating and cleansing, It is said that Samhain - Halloween- is the Witches New Year. I will use this as an excuse to reboot my life.. Wish me luck!

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