Lesson in Letting Go

I'm back from the holiday break, and have much on my mind. Rather, I have come to a place of peace. I have decided that I have done all I am capable of doing, and the rest is truly left to God.

I have felt many things slipping away from me over the past few months. It is incredible that all of these changes that I have felt coming, have been coming to fruition. I am always one to look for meaning and a lesson in everything, and I think my lesson in this is to just relax. I cannot control everything, nor am I meant to do so.

To surrender, is truly one of the most difficult things I have done. It is against everything in my nature to just let go. I want to fight until my last breath. I suppose this is what I have had to learn through my trials. Even as I am writing this, I feel the muscles loosening in my back.

What I know is this: my life will look very different in a few months time. How this shakes out will be determined by what happens over the next few days. I am ready for the next phase. Pray for me!

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