Planks Are Rough!

Well, I am on my third day of the purge / sobriety / plank challenge, and it's been a challenge! First, I cheated and had a Coke last night, as well as a few corn chips, but I was watching Katt Williams, and was in a good mood, so...there ya go!

I did really consider having a drink last night. It was Halloween, and much like the coke and corn chips, I'm sure I could have justified it, but I refrained. Where I have held up the best, though, is with the planks.

My goal was to start with one 30 sec plank every day. Day 1, I tried it, and got the 30 seconds. It was relatively painless, so I did another one. Yesterday, I ended up doing 3 sessions throughout the day, for about 40 seconds each. Today, my tummy is sore! I actually appreciate it, because I was beginning to forget I had abdominal muscles. I have done 2 sessions of 40 count each, and some stretches.

My question out there for any exercise buffs is, should I keep going through the pain, or lay off every other day, or increase my times / reps, or stay at the same level. I plan to keep at it every day until I just can't move, but I don't want to do something that will hurt me. Any recommendations?

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