When Nothing Is Certain, Everything Is Possible

When nothing is certain, everything is possible. 

I have carried around a key chain with this saying for years. It has always been a source of hope for me for me. Lately, I have been thinking about this a lot. It appears that, yet again, nothing is certain in my life.

There has been a convergence of several moving parts, that have brought me to this crossroads. Most importantly, my daughter is graduating this Spring. As she decides on her next path, it will open up a chance for me to rethink my path moving forward. I have been considering these options for a while now. Obviously, I have been directing attention at creating this, since, as if to hasten this change, my landlord of the past 5 years, has decided to sell the house. Now, I have until the week my daughter graduates to vacate my home.

Perhaps the most challenging part of all of this, though, is what to do about my business. I have been in business for about 3 years now. I have been doing wonderfully, and been very successful. My problems began when I outgrew my old location, and wanted to expand. In an effort to gain capital, I presold sessions, took on double the overhead, and brought in additional people. Then, the capital ran dry. The people moved onto other things, and I was left with a large location, doing the work of three, and not bringing in revenue, since I had pre-sold so much. Then our slow season hit.

For nearly 9 months, I have kept things running through sheer force of will. I am 2 months away from our busy season when I can finally cash in on my major investment. I finally even have a good person in place to help me. I just don't know if I can make it any longer, though. I am about $3,000 away from season, and I have hit a wall.

I have tried to keep my ego out of this. I have tried to think about how close I am to my goal, and how soon I will finally get a return on investment. I know that I can find a cheaper office, and as long as I stay in the general vicinity, the impact to my clients will be minimal. If I do that now, though, not only would I be breaking a lease (with the credit and reference implications that come with that), but I would have costs involved with setting up in a new location.

I feel as though I am at a crossroads with my business. What I know is that I will make it through this. I will figure it out, and I will be ok. What my goal is during this time, is to minimize the pain, create the path I want, direct my attention to that goal, and pray for the best.

When facing something like this, it makes you think about just what you want. Do I want to stay in the area? (Yes). Should I leave the area? (Maybe). Will I find better opportunity elsewhere? (Possibly). What is holding me here? (Friends, family, lifestyle, quality of life).

This Thanksgiving "vacation" is more like a business retreat for me. It is time for me to find clarity. As I said at the beginning, when nothing is certain, everything is possible.

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