Let the Purging Begin!

Initial Closet Cleanse

It begins!

The long and tedious process of shedding years of stuff!

Yesterday, In preparation of this, I did my initial closet cleanse (see pic at the side), and ended up with 3 giant bags that I promptly took to the donation center - no mind-changing! Instead of bringing the remainder immediately on the RV, I let them hang overnight, so I can take one more chance to evaluate whether or not I truly love what is left. There is little room for excess in our new space.

Bathroom sink is full of clutter! What goes, what stays?
Today, my plan is to tackle my master bathroom. We have little to no room for superfluous toiletries, so I expect the vast majority of this stuff to end up in the trash. Let's face it, what ends up under the sink is really the equivalent of sending it off to die. This is where we hide things we don't have the heart to trash, but will never use again.

Under the sink is a hodgepodge of items that have not been touched in years!
Finally, if I am able to knock out those two projects, I will next tackle the master bedroom. I suspect I may need the man's help for some of this, but I'll work around it til he gets home from work.

It is 7 am, and I am finishing off my coffee. I have the bags ready, and I'm excited to get underway. Stay tuned! I'll post pics!


After 12+ hours at it, here are the updated pics:

Bathroom sink has been emptied and scrubbed clean!

Closet is emptied of all of my clothes except what I am wearing tomorrow. All else is loaded on the RV!

Items heading to my office for storage.

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