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One Month in on Atkins and Loving the Results!


My New Grand Adventure: Happy & Healthy!

It has been about a month since The Great Moves of 2016.

First, I moved from my house of 5 years, into an RV. Not two weeks later, I was moving my office to a new location. It was a crazy and stressful time, but I pushed through it, and I am finally able to appreciate the after-effects.

Week 4 and Incredible 19 lbs lost on Atkins!


Atkins Diet, week 3! Loving the Weight Loss!!!


Atkins Diet week 3; Melting Weight Loss


5 Painful Lessons for a Small Business Owner

I have been thinking for a few days, that your point of view truly makes all of the difference in the world. It occurs to me that there are two narratives related to my life.

The first is that I did not like where things were headed in my life, so I took steps to downsize, simplify, eliminate stress, and get healthy. That has been what was running through my head for months as I had gone through the process of moving from my house into an RV, moving from a large office suite into a smaller office (though my treatment room is much larger), and going on an Atkins diet to lose weight and get my blood sugar under control before it becomes a concern.

Peace At Last

Yesterday was my 42nd birthday. My friends joined me Friday night for some festivities, and it was actually a great test for my Atkins-willpower. Under normal circumstances, my birthday would have been the perfect excuse for drunken revelry and debauchery, but I was able to drink club soda and lime all night, and still have a great time.

Day 10 of Atkins Diet


It's My Time!

About 15 years ago, I went on the South Beach diet. This was when I had just met my 2nd husband, and was soooo in love. The weight melted off of me, and I ended up losing nearly 50 lbs. It was incredible how it just fell away. I know that it had to do with my diet, but I was also deliriously happy, and living in the flow.

Massage Testimonials for Kandace 2016

Dorothy A. Jan 2016
Therapeutic Massage One Hour
Very professional & gracious ... A great asset to healing.

John A. Jan 2016
Therapeutic Massage One Hour
Wonderful experience - will definitely return.

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Excellent massage!

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