It's My Time!

About 15 years ago, I went on the South Beach diet. This was when I had just met my 2nd husband, and was soooo in love. The weight melted off of me, and I ended up losing nearly 50 lbs. It was incredible how it just fell away. I know that it had to do with my diet, but I was also deliriously happy, and living in the flow.

Unfortunately, in the ensuing years, things got much more complicated. I lost my baby sister, my grandfather, a childhood crush, and my grandmother all within a couple of years. The economic meltdown and re-figuring of the marketplace caused my industry (newspaper advertising) to suffer severe losses, and was no longer a viable place to earn an income.

I moved to FL to escape the endless family dramas and start fresh, but the drama only followed me here. My husband was miserable with the move, and began drinking heavily. I was out networking every night, and also began enjoying wine a bit more than I should. I took a job immediately upon moving here, but after 2 months, I realized it was going under. I then moved back into advertising, only this time it was yellow page advertising - another great industry going under.

I did that until I had to take in my young niece and nephew for about a year. My goodness! That was an adventure! It had been so long since I had raised little ones, that I had no support system, and had no room in my life for them to easily slip in. It became a radical transformation in my life. I had also recently divorced my husband, and my new partner had come moved in with me. God bless that man for sticking with me! I also tried to go back to get my Masters degree, but that became impossible to pursue when the kids came.

What did happen, though, is I had to reclaim my life and set out on a new course. I stumbled into massage therapy, and it was a perfect fit! It allowed for flexibility, paid a livable wage, and I could set up my own business. I set a new course for business owner, and that has carried me through to today.

This long, rambling, preamble is to say that with all of the past 15 years of chaos, I am finally in a place of peace. During this time, my weight has crept back, slowly and steadily, due primarily to stress-induced high cortisol levels. I was in a constant sympathetic state. With the final hurdles jumped (ie., moved into the RV, moved out of the giant, cumbersome office, kids onto the next stage of life), I am finally able to take a breath and focus on my health. With my impending 42nd birthday this Saturday, I wish to undo the physical sins of my youth before it is too late.

About 10 days ago, I started a strict Atkins diet. I have already gone through the detox and headaches, and have attained #ketosis. I know because I bought the test strips, and I can feel it. I have lost nearly 9 lbs, and I feel energetic (I have lots of fat stores to keep me going), rarely hungry, and just feel good. I have also quit drinking, and it is nice to not have the lingering effects in the morning. For the first time in years, I feel like my life will actually support my weight loss endeavors. I have family members that suffer with heart problems, diabetes, and body pain, and I hope that I can break the cycle now. Stay tuned!

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These are from a series of videos I did in 2016 about my #weightloss with the #Atkins #LowCarb #Diet. I thought it would be a good idea to integrate them into my blog on my #Health & #WeightLoss page. Hope you enjoy!

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