Massage Therapists Are Not Answering The Phone! What's Going On???

Have you ever tried calling all over town to book a massage, and no one is answering their phones? Is it impossible to get a call back? You'd be tempted to believe that all massage therapists are complete flakes, right? Well, maybe, but the truth may be a bit more complex.

First, you have to understand the nature of the business you are attempting to contact. Most people who do not get regular massage, may become very frustrated at the seeming lack of professionalism. Massage Therapists work in several different establishments, and where they are located may dictate how responsive they are to your calls.

1. Salon / Day Spa: Spas usually have multiple professionals like hairdressers, nail techs, and massage therapists that work in the location. Due to this, they will usually have a receptionist to answer the telephone. Massage Therapists may or may not be on staff, so you may not be able to secure an immediate appointment, because therapists tend to work by appointment only.

2. Massage Superstores: These places are your best bet for last minute, non-committal appointments. They tend to have late night hours and weekend appointments, and have several massage therapists on staff, so securing a last minute appointment is usually possible. It is usually the sales staff that answers the phones and makes the appointments, so they are very responsive.

3. Chiropractic Offices: These offices usually have a receptionist to answer calls. The availability of the massage staff will be dependent upon whether they have massage therapists on staff, and if they are available to the public, or just existing clientele.

4. Private Massage Therapists / Offices / On-Call / Out-Call: These will be your most difficult massage therapists to reach on the telephone, but with whom you are more likely to develop a long-standing professional relationship. Because they are, in many cases, sole practitioners, the likelihood of them having a receptionist is slim. If you get no answer, it is probably because they are in session (as is the case with my company). Please leave a message or text (if possible), or book online (if that option is provided). It is an excellent idea to let the therapist know your concern, the best times to reach you, and when you would like to be seen. It is easy to dismiss them as an option if you are in a hurry to reach someone, but it is good to remember that if the therapist is busy, they are probably also very skilled. Please plan ahead. Most private offices want to develop long-standing relationships with their clients, so if you are interested in regular massage sessions, this may be your best option.

Yes, to the casual caller, voicemail is very frustrating. Please be patient, and listen to their voicemail. Chances are, they will direct you to the best course of action. It may also be helpful to read review sites when trying to select a business, because it may give good insight into their responsiveness. Happy hunting!

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