What Happens on the Other Side of the Missed Call to Your Massage Therapist

As I am in the last 15 minutes of a massage, a light catches my eye. My cell phone has just received a call. I can barely make out that it looks like a potential client. I'm happy because I know that I have a light day, and could probably fit another person in.

I watch as the light dims and the screen goes dark. I finish my massage appointment, hoping that they listened to my voicemail instructions and either left a clear and articulate message (so I can receive a transcription via text) or preferably, a text message.

Alas, as I grab my phone and leave the treatment room, I am left only with a missed call. I know I have roughly 15 minutes between my client dressing, rescheduling, checking out, and setting up my table before beginning my massage with the next client. I am left with a choice:

Scenario 1: I call the number. I receive their voicemail. They sound nice. I leave a voicemail that I am returning their call and wanted to know if they were trying to book a massage. I go back into my treatment room to ready it for the next person. I say goodbye to the last client and greet the next. I step out of the treatment room to allow the new client to get on the table. I watch my screen, willing the client to call. No dice. I re-enter the room and start the next massage. Out of the corner of my eye, I see them calling back. Great...

Scenario 2: I see a text message, and it goes like this:
  • Potential Client: I would like to schedule a one hour massage. Do you have anything this week?
  • Me: As a matter of fact, I have a 3pm today, a 10am tomorrow, and a 1:30 on Friday.
  • Potential Client: Great! I can make the 3pm!
  • Me: Wonderful! I just need your full name and an email where I can send your Health Intake form. Do you know where we are located?
  • Potential Client: Yes, I know where you are. My name is Jill Smith jsmith@email.com
  • Me: Thanks, Jill! I'll see you soon!
Just at that moment, my client opens the door to the treatment room. I check them out, change the table, and enter the new appointment in my computer. 

Every day, some version of this happens. As an independent business owner, I am in no position to hire a full time receptionist. Please leave a clear voicemail telling me what you need, or text me. It is truly the ideal way to reach me. Thanks!

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