Sketching Garden Ideas “Vegetable Garden” by Supertrooper
As I drive back and forth between my new and old homes, I pass through an agricultural area. Driving through here always inspires me to build a garden. I have watched several documentaries about urban farming, and their point is often it doesn't take much space or money to get started. I think about the practicality of trying to build a small, portable garden. As I am driving, I am envisioning what this could be.

The first challenge would be the container that I would use. For simplicity's sake, it would make sense to grow things in a container. That would make it difficult to grow many items, though, unless I want to transport multiple pots.

I also lament the fact that, in our very hot environment, we usually keep the shades drawn in our house. That means that I would need to leave my pots outside. Of course, that would welcome bugs, as well as the ravages of the hot Florida weather.

I suppose that my first goal would be to figure out which vegetables I would actually eat. I love green peppers, onions, cucumbers, lettuce. Then, there are the herbs. I am not sure just how I would like to do this. What I do know, is that I very much would like to grow my own food. I also would like to keep it very small scale, so that I do not have a large surplus of vegetables to manage.

I suppose when I get a chance to sit down, I will need to sketch out my plan. Yay me, I have a new project!

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