Think of the Worst Thing You've Ever Done

Think for a moment about the worst thing you have ever done.

Maybe, you were unfaithful.

Maybe, you didn't have enough money and you stole something you really wanted.

Maybe, you were out to dinner with friends, drank too much, and drove home when you shouldn't.

Were you arrested? Do you occasionally indulge in drugs? Or maybe, you caught an STD. Perhaps, you disclosed a secret from your friend that caused him/her to lose their job or their spouse. Maybe, people know this. Maybe, there weren't any witnesses. Would you want to be defined as a person by that moment?

What if the poor choice that you made was years before, and you have used the time since to radically alter your life. Maybe the infidelity you had made you realize that you were throwing away the best thing that ever happened to you, and now you are a better spouse. Perhaps the DUI arrest was a wake up call, and you now devote your time to addiction counseling.

My point is that we are ALL guilty of misdeeds. We all bleed. We all poop. We all get angry and lash out. Our politicians are no different. What matters is how they have evolved as people. It is my opinion that, with the diffusion and decimation of journalism, we have become a country of salacious gossip and gotcha moments. Yes, I want to know of misdeeds, but I also want to know the rest of the story. Politicians make terrible decisions at the moment, but they learn. That is all we can hope for. Quite frankly, I would rather have a person who has failed, then made a change for the better, than someone who has never faced controversy.

I shudder to think that all of my secrets would be revealed, but I am not worried about that as much as being defined by any one of those misdeeds. 

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