You Know That Drunk Tourist in Key West That You Hate?

Well, that was me this past Saturday night.

I have no idea what I was thinking (other than PARTY). I got completely obliterated, downing essentially two bottles of wine with very limited food on my tummy.

The evening ended abruptly, when my man, trying to keep me from jumping off our golf cart (we had gotten in an argument), grabbed my arm, and the police stopped us. So, for the first time in my life, at 42 years old, I was detained by the police, and had to have my Daddy rescue me.

Thankfully, the police officer seemed to recognize that instead of domestic abuse or kidnapping that was reported from a well-meaning passerby, he was dealing with alcohol. I can only imagine the sight I was, sitting on the side of the road, while this officer was trying to make sense of what was going on. Blessedly, I am more of a silly drunk than a confrontational one. He finally asked me if I had anyone I could call to pick me up, and I was never so grateful in my life than to have Dad right around the corner.

The drive back home with my guy that night was filled with screaming and anger and threats. It was two hours of tension. I went straight to bed, after drinking copious amounts of water, and crashed out. Interestingly, after an early morning purge, I was not hungover. We did sleep in until past noon. It was hard to try to sleep with my partner, but not touch because we're angry. Finally, though, we hugged it out.

The next best thing was the conversation I had to have with my very worried father. He wasn't sure if I was ok or in some abusive relationship. That was the reason the police stopped us, after all. Sadly, though, the only person to blame for Saturday's shenanigans, was me. I, then also had to call Mom, and have had to explain to friends and clients about the obvious bruises on my arm.
Sadly, though, the only person to blame for Saturday's shenanigans, was me.
I've been thinking about the lesson from this whole scene. It is obvious that I have no business drinking like that - ever. I definitely do not wish to ever have another brush with the law. It is also apparent that my guy and I cannot drink together. I have considered giving up drinking. I hate, mostly, that I worried my father. I have always been the well-behaved one, and an incident like this is certainly not one quickly forgotten.

Amusingly, I have had this song playing through my head since it happened. I got drunk. I was stupid. I scared my Dad and upset my man. I am very sorry and I love you both.

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