Building a New Empire

What a long, strange road it's been.

When I began this blog a little over a year ago, I was anticipating my children moving on, perhaps a bit of the empty nest syndrome, moving out of my large house and into a smaller, more manageable place, maybe doing more social things or traveling. What I did not anticipate was the complete and utter transformation of my life.

With my recent decision to reconcile with my man, I am now facing the reality of a move to Key Largo. What was once something that I was considering, and perhaps fighting, and ultimately unresolved over, has become my new goal. With this, comes the challenge of building my new life there.

I was batting around the idea of working for one of the many resorts around there. I don't have a network there, and I only have a vague idea of the local economy, so I thought this was a safe bet. I also considered working with a chiropractor. What keeps peeking up at me from the recesses of my mind, though, is an option to open a new business of my own. I have been mentally fleshing it out for a few days now, considering ideas, rejecting some, accepting others. This is my process for blowing life into an idea. Much like a small ember, it requires oxygen and fuel to roar into a raging fire.

At this point, I am allowing the embers to smolder. I am gathering my resources and working on a plan. I have been exhausted with all of the upheaval, and yet, I feel my energy slowly building back. I am feeling the barest hints of excitement, of hope, and I am guarding my fledgling idea until it matures and is ready to soar. Wish me luck!

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