Massage Blues: Tales from the Trenches I

When I first began in the massage business, I was quite eager. I marketed endlessly and networked at every event I could find. I was excited to build a large clientele. It was during this heady time, that I acquired this new client.

During our first telephone call, he was perfectly respectful. He explained that he was a runner, and had problems with his lower back and thighs. This seemed logical, and there was nothing that he said that raised any alarms. He wanted an appointment that afternoon, and I eagerly booked him.
"He explained that he was a runner, and had problems with his lower back and thighs."
When he arrived 15 minutes early, I was impressed. He was well-dressed, reasonably attractive, and had a wedding band. He directed me that he wanted to focus primarily on the low back and legs. The massage went well enough, though he did move around quite a bit. I truly believed that he was very athletic, and knew which areas to focus on. When we were finished, he paid full price, and gave a substantial tip. I was thrilled. He called again about a week later, and I began seeing him fairly regularly for weeks.
"Little did I know that I was being groomed."
Little did I know that I was being groomed. One day, during the course of the massage, he began "table dancing," ie, raising his hips in a suggestive fashion whenever I went over his glutes and thighs. I was shocked and my first thought was, "Damn, he's going to mess this up!" Under normal circumstances, behavior like that will end a session immediately. Since I had been seeing him awhile, though, I tried to just move to another area every time he started to move his hips.
When we were finished with the massage, I was not sure if I wanted to see him again. I could not carry on like this, but he had always behaved before, and he paid very well. After chatting with a few friends in the business, I decided to see him again, and just stop him whenever he started up. What was so aggravating about the situation was that he had been grooming me for months. He had spent upwards of $1000 over the months that I saw him, and I was reluctant to shut him down. He also never overtly propositioned me or tried to touch me.

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One day, he told me he wanted to discuss something at our next appointment. When I pushed him, he said it was nothing sexual. At his next appointment, I asked him what he wanted to discuss. He said it was nothing and he just wanted his regular massage. I went ahead, as always, but when I pulled the sheet aside to work on his leg, I realized he was wearing the most beautiful panties I had ever seen! These were hardly some discount store panties. I paused for a moment, but in truth, I was actually just happy that he was wearing underwear.
I realized he was wearing the most beautiful panties I had ever seen! 
We continued on for some time after that. At every appointment, he would be wearing a new pair of gorgeous panties. I have no idea where he bought them, but I was reluctant to acknowledge the situation. Finally, I just couldn't bring myself to see him any longer. I dreaded his appointments, and I felt icky afterwards. He continued calling for almost a year afterwards, but I was too busy. Blessedly, he finally disappeared. I'm sure some other massage therapist is seeing him now. I'm just happy that he's gone!

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