Massage Blues: Tales from the Trenches III

The man on the other side of the telephone line immediately launched into his story.

He had been battling with some weight-related health issues, and his doctor had assured him that if he lost weight, he could stop taking his medication. As a result, he became very motivated, and had taken up bicycling. He had lost lots of weight, and was feeling great. The problem, he said, was that the pressure of the bike seat to his nether region, was causing a loss of sensation and numbness. Was that something I could assist him with?

At this point, I was rolling my eyes. "Sir, this sounds like something you should address with your doctor, " I responded. He said that he had, and his doctor had suggested wearing padded shorts. I agreed that should help. He was insistent, though, that massage could help his condition. I stated that I did not offer the kind of massage he was seeking. He assured me that he wanted medical massage only, and completely non-sexual. With massive reservations, I finally agreed to see him, but told him I would not be working on his nether regions. He agreed.

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The day of his appointment, I told him that I would step out of the room and to please lay face up on the table under the sheets. He pulled the sheets from the table, informing me that he would not need them because he was wearing microfiber shorts, and he would not be exposed. I reluctantly relented, since he assured me would be dressed.
"The label said Hanes Women's Panties."
Upon re-entering the room, he was sprawled face down, with no sheets, and wearing what appeared to be Speedos. Quite annoyed by this point, I began the massage, vowing that if he said or did anything inappropriate, I would kick him out. I massaged his back, then moved to his legs. I noticed that there was a stamped tag on the back of his "shorts." Mildly curious, I tried to read it. The label said Hanes Women's Panties. Again, I rolled my eyes, and vowed to just get through this as quickly as possible.
I was immediately disgusted to realize that there were dried semen stains on the outside front of his "shorts!"
Finally, it was time for him to turn over. I stepped back to allow him to move. I was immediately disgusted to realize that there were dried semen stains on the outside front of his "shorts!" This meant that he was not only wearing panties, but that he had worn them before, and just turned them inside out! Choking back vomit, I quickly finished the massage and slipped out of the room. When he finally emerged a few minutes later, he basically threw the money at me and ran out. I was never so relieved to finish a massage as I was that day. Happily, that was the end of it, and I have never heard from him again!

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