So, This Happened....

Image result for small rv e350As I have been chattering excitedly to my partner about my new project, he has been mildly amused and highly skeptical of my skills. I have told him many times that I can manifest anything I want, but he always doubts me. Well, no sooner had I posted my second blog piece today, he comes running in the house to tell me that this guy just showed up and is selling his small RV for $3000! So, it's not a van, but it's a hell of a deal, and it just fell in our laps!

The downside is that it has many of the build-outs already on it, so I don't get to customize it completely. I was looking forward to gutting the van and building from scratch. With that said, perhaps the universe knows better, and this was sent to me to guide me.

I'm going to meditate on this. It really is pretty nice, and the price is incredible. The guy will be ready to sell next week (he's working on his boat that they are moving into), so I have some time to ponder. As with all things, if it's meant to be, it will be.

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