The Beginning

I have been in a weird place lately. I know that it is because I'm in a new home and haven't made many friends yet. I feel like I should relax and adjust to the new way of life, but I feel restless and kind of bored.

I went and looked at an office yesterday so that I can begin building a practice here in Key Largo. It's only $300 a month, and the lady that I would be sharing with works like I do, so I doubt we would have many conflicts. She is supposed to get back to me about finalizing the details in the next few days. This time out is probably a good thing so that we can both consider what is best. I have come to realize that things happen as they are supposed to.

A client at Playa Largo told me about a book called the morning miracle. I have been working through it, and that is actually why I am using this app to record my thoughts. I typically enjoy writing physically in a journal, but I think this will be an easier way to keep up with it.

One of the recommendations in the book is to design affirmations that you read and update daily. I'm also supposed to visualize what's my perfect life will look like and my motivation for wanting that life.

My life purpose is to grow my education a little, every day, by reading something new that inspires or in riches me in mind or spirit. I wrote this on February 6th of 2017.


I want to live a lifestyle that allows me the opportunity to secure wealth and stability. I want to own land and property for both investment and wealth building. I want to collect wealth and land to secure stability in my life both now and into the future so that I will be prepared for whatever challenges may arise. I will dedicate $200 from each paycheck to savings. Additionally, when I have extra money, I will put that aside to build a fund for retirement and property purchase.

I want to be healthy and slim to maximize my quality of life. I want to be healthy and slim so that I can move and minimize my pain and disease as I age. To gain maximum health and weight-loss, I will limit my alcohol consumption to one day a week, and no more than one bottle. I will eat vegetables at every meal, when possible. I will eat mindfully, paying attention to my body feedback, to avoid overconsumption. I will walk to and from work. I will also do at least 15 minutes of yoga 4 to 5 times per week.

I want to grow in my study of philosophy, the occult, and esoteric knowledge. I want to feed my brain with knowledge because all that we love is what we are. I want to nourish my soul. I will read at least 15 minutes every day from my books until I have read all of them in my possession. I will then choose additional books for their literary value to my education and or well-being.

I want to deepen my love and appreciation for Adam, my life partner, to bring us closer together and walking a shared path as long for as long as we both choose to do so. I want to be a good partner for Adam because if we are going to walk this path in life together, it should be rich in love and respect. I will be mindful of my words and actions with my partner that I am respectful and loving.

I want to write a book and become an author. I want to develop and use my talent for writing to share my gift and educate and entertain others. I will endeavor to write on my blog at least one to two days per week.

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