5 Things Your Massage Therapist Does Not Care About

I am often on a journey to find great articles about massage therapy to share with clients and the general public. I ran across this little gem today, and decided to share it. What I like about this article is the genuine voice of the author. She really speaks from the heart in a way that I know many ladies can connect with. I hope this post can help dispel myths and encourage you to give massage a try!

5 Things Your Massage Therapist Does Not Care About

And the one important thing she is focused on. (Hint: It isn't whether or not you shaved.)

Hopefully, you’ve had a great massage experience at some point in your life, and are planning on going again soon. But this list is for those of you who are afraid to get a massage at all, or who have been too self-conscious to enjoy one. Through my own experiences and in talking with my colleagues, a few common areas of concern have emerged, things our clients or friends seem to worry about that never even faze massage therapists.

Massage therapists think the human body--every human body--is fascinating and beautiful, not gross or embarrassing. Since it’s vital that the client be comfortable for the massage to be truly effective, I wanted to help dismiss some of the most common issues that may stop some people (especially, but not exclusively, women) from getting the most out of their massage treatment.

Here are five things that may make you self-conscious, but that your therapist genuinely never cares about:

1. Your Body Hair (Keep reading: 5 Things Your Massage Therapist Does Not Care About)

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