Living the Keys Life

I wanted to just do a quick update. Since relocating to Key Largo, FL, I have been working at Playa Largo Resort and Spa. It is a lovely place, and I have been very happy there. I wanted to take a hand-off, wait and see approach, since I was not familiar with the patterns here.

It is definitely a different life here than in Fort Myers. We have a huge, worldwide set of visitors that come through every day. The weekends are insane, and traffic gets ridiculous. As such, I have resisted the strong urge to branch out on my own.

I am able to see clients on Thursdays, my off day from Playa Largo, at Harmony Healing Center. Additionally, I am able to see some clients in their homes. This will depend on the day and traffic, etc, so I would recommend calling or texting to discuss.

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