Pre-Planning Ideas

RV renovation Jayco Designer Before 7Since we have a week or two before we are able to buy our new RV, I've been thinking about ways to rehab and renovate. I know that the decor is a bit dated, and paint will be a necessity, but beyond that, I'll just have to see. One good thing is that it does not have slide-outs, so I can do some structural changes without worrying about the integrity of the moving parts.
RV renovation Jayco Designer After 7

I absolutely love what these owners, Maria and Brian did in this renovation, posted by DIY RV Here are a few images on their renovation. As you can see, in the before pics, the decor was dated and dark, so it makes the RV looks smaller inside:

After cleaning and paint, the RV interior is light and open, giving the feeling of, if not spaciousness, at least not claustrophobic:


VW Bus conversion with unique themeNow, if it were just me doing this (and I really want it to be), this redo by Mark and Nancy, as also featured on DIY RV would be far closer to what I would like to see. I suppose I am more free-spirited than my partner, so this would be heaven to me. Unfortunately, I know that, since he will be traveling with me from time to time, that this would drive him crazy. I think it's absolutely adorable, though.

VW Bus conversion with unique themeIn the end, I will probably settle for some combination of the two. I prefer a open and light palate, with touches of whimsy. What is important to me is that I have a place to kick back and read, an integrated bookshelf area, lot's of soft furnishings, and natural light. The details will be worked out after we see just what we have to work with. I'm pretty excited!

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