To Wear Underwear During Your Massage Or Not, That Is The Question

To wear underwear during your massage or not, that is the question…

To wear underwear during your massage or not, that is the question…

That is one of the most common questions massage therapists are asked. And here is your answer.

Massage therapy, when performed correctly, should almost feel clinical. The client will never get undressed in front of the massage therapist. A well-trained massage therapist will always leave the room to let you get undressed and between the sheets in private before returning to the room commence the massage.

When getting under the sheets, the client should pull the sheet high enough to cover the Pec’s (breast region). In Tennessee, both male and female clients must be covered over the pec’s.

During the massage the client will remain in a fully draped position except for the body part being worked. This is one of the first things a trained massage therapist learns. For instance, if the massage therapist is working on a leg, just that one leg will be exposed, the sheets will be tucked under the clients knee from the inside of the leg and near the hip on the outside of the leg. The sheet is never lifted more than a few inches above the clients’ body plain. Private areas are never exposed.

All massage therapists would prefer that you are under the sheet without undergarments for many reasons; here are a few to consider:

Your whole body is connected, from the tip of your toes to the top of your head. A well-trained massage therapist will work on specific muscle groups with the entire body in mind to work out specific issues the client is experiencing. Pain or discomfort in particular areas of your body are not always caused at the site of the pain or discomfort. A pain in your hips could be caused by an upper back issue, and issues in your legs or even an old injury like a sprained ankle can contribute to pain and is not limited to discomfort to the low back. This is where your massage therapist goes to work. A well-trained therapist will have a conversation with you to find out specifically where you are experiencing pain or discomfort and ask you questions pertaining to the pain. Occupation, hobbies and when you started feeling the pain or discomfort are a few of the question to expect.

How does this pertain to what you are wearing under the sheet? The hips and upper legs are the middle of your body. If you are wearing boxer shorts, it is harder for the Massage therapist to access some of the larger muscles groups associated with low back or hip pain. Even if the client doesn’t have those issues, the body is treated as a whole unit and access to those areas is important to the work of your therapist. Even a thong can get in the way of the flow of the massage, aside from the fact that massage oil or lotion can get on them, which in some cases may cause a stain. If you are a female client and choose to wear a bra, this will also break up the flow of the massage.

Having said that, the most important thing to any well-trained massage therapist is your comfort level. It is important that during the massage the client feels comfortable and is able to completely relax. If you choose to keep your undergarments on, it is not a problem; your massage therapist can work around them.

So the answer to the question, to wear underwear or not, is completely up to the individual client. A good rule of thumb is if you are modest with strangers (a new massage therapist to you), keep them on. As you get comfortable with your therapists and their draping techniques, try one without them and feel the difference it makes to both you and your therapist.

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