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My 44th Birthday

I attained the ripe old age of 44 yesterday. I truly had no intention of writing a blog post about this, but my Facebook memories served ...

YouGov Surveys

 YouGov Prizes
I have been taking surveys for YouGov for several years now. You earn points answering questions on subjects from politics to television to products and stores. When you get to certain point levels, you can redeem them for cash or prices.

So far, I have received a Visa card for $100, and I am very close to my second $100. If you click and join this link, you'll be credited with 2000 points. I take about one survey a week and it only takes about 5 mins.

Check it out! https://today.yougov.com/refer/i-Ea1pLz9AVXbCsMz1MuTQ/

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