Kick-start Your Stalled Keto Weight-Loss with the Egg Fast Diet

A low carb menu plan for the egg fast diet by Mellissa Sevigny of I Breathe Im HungrySo, you've been plugging along with the #Keto weight loss for a few weeks now, and you've found that the pounds aren't melting off quite as quickly as they once did. It can be discouraging, and now is the time to guard against cheat-snacking. There are several options to break through this impasse.

First, consider just continuing along as is. If you are like most, the first couple of weeks are exciting. The weight is falling off, you're not experiencing any hunger, and you have more energy than you've had in years. Now, your body has caught up, and is trying to evaluate whether you are sick or starving. Your body just needs a pause to readjust to your new reality. Eventually, you will continue losing weight, but it may take a couple of weeks.

Second, you may consider Intermittent Fasting. This form of a fast is where you eat all of your daily calories in a set window of time (ex/ 8 hours of eating, and 12-16 hours of fasting). You enjoy the health benefits of fasting, while not starving or foregoing food for days. This seems to be a good way to break-through your #weight-loss stall.

Finally, you may want to consider the Egg Fast Diet. This 5 day diet gives you all of the health benefits of #Keto and eggs in one jolt. As Mellissa explains in the following article, "It seems that egg yolks are extremely high in Choline, which as it turns out is critical to our liver being able to metabolize fat.  In fact, when Choline is deficient (as it is in much of the modern US population), it can lead to Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease – this means your poor, fat, lazy liver can’t even handle it’s own business – let alone helping rid the rest of your body of excess fat!

'Also important to helping your liver metabolize fat are Casein (present in cheese and other dairy products) and an amino acid called Methionine.  Guess what food has the highest amount of methionine in it?  Egg whites!  So between the massive amounts of Choline in the yolks, and the bounty of Methionine in the whites, eggs are pretty much the perfect liver food – add some Casein in the form of cheese, and you’re in business!  And by the way, this trifecta of liver superstars are pretty much cancelled out in the presence of excess glucose from food or alcohol – which an egg fast also eliminates.  Genius.

'So there it is.  My theory on one reason the Egg Fast Diet works so well is that it gives your liver everything it needs (and cuts out everything it doesn’t) to get it’s butt in gear and start cleaning house!  So whether you plan to undertake an egg fast or not, if you’re having trouble losing weight – especially on a ketogenic low carb diet, then you should seriously consider adding a few eggs per day to your eating plan!"

Convinced? Check out her meal plan!

Egg Fast Diet Menu Plan (Low Carb & Keto) and FAQs | I Breathe I'm Hungry

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