5 Massage Therapy Methods

5 Massage Therapy Methods 

(and How to Make Them Last)

by Jeremey DuVall on 7/29/2014

Whether it’s the vacation splurge at the beach or the much-needed post-marathon rub down, a good massage is in order on more occasions than one. Tense muscles, weeks of stress and nagging aches and pains all seem to melt away under the touch of a skilled therapist. In fact, research shows that soft-tissue work can promote better blood flow throughout the body and faster post-exercise recovery.

But while massage therapy can — and should! — be the epitome of relaxation and restoration, it’s not uncommon to leave the table feeling that the experience came up short. Perhaps you weren’t quite comfortable, or maybe you chose a sub-par facility or the wrong type of massage. To help you get the relief you’re looking for, follow these knead-to-know tips from our experts.
Read on: 5 Massage Therapy Methods (and How to Make Them Last)

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