First Wave of Pain

I have felt so conflicted about this move to SC. I've been okay so far. I've had so much activity the past couple of days just getting settled, that I haven't had much time to dwell. Tonight though, the grief washed up over me. I sobbed for a few minutes but now it has subsided. 

I want to call him, but I know that would only hurt both of us worse. I'm sure he doesn't want to hear from me as much as he does. I feel the same way. Part of me really wants to talk to him. 

Damn, these things really suck. I know that I just need time. I know that as the days and weeks and months progress, the pain will deaden. I know that he will find a new lover, and I'm sure eventually I will, as well. In fairness to My Future Self and my future lover, I want to grieve first. I don't want the ghost of my past lover lurking in the recesses of my heart.

I'm going to sleep now. They say sleep is restorative. I hope that includes for heartbreak.

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