He Said He Would Ruin Me For All Other Men

He told me that he would ruin me for all other men. He was right, but not in the way that he assumed. 

He is the last of my youth. He is the last of my carefree and foolish relationship choices. He is the last one that I will choose that is long on charm and sex appeal, and very short on compatibility. 

I feel as though it is finally done. I have been praying since this whole thing imploded. I waited, and even reached out to him a few times. We have reconciled so many times, that I wanted to make sure it was not a continuation of our on-going pattern. 

The remarkable part of all of this is the complete lack of emotion. Perhaps we are shell-shocked, but I think the more appropriate conclusion is that this has been a long, slow learning process for both of us, and perhaps now, it is time for us to separate permanently. 

The biggest, and most unexpected, surprise of all of this, is that I will be moving back home for awhile. I feel as though I need to heal and restore my soul. I need to get healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. Perhaps some time with family is what I need to bring this chapter of my life to a final end. 

I truly wish him all of the best in life. I am not angry or bitter. We have been good partners for a long time, but now, it seems that our paths are finally diverging for good. I truly hope that he finds everything that he thinks he will find. I know that I am on the right path for me. 

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