Mother’s Day Musings

Happy Mother’s Day! It is an absolutely gorgeous day out today, yet I find that I am simply enjoying the peace and quiet of home. It’s got to be in the 90s outside, but I have my home open, and the breeze is cool and refreshing.

I have been working on my new blog. After years of dabbling, I find that it is time to actually dedicate some time to build it. Since I will be moving overseas to join my darling in a few weeks, my other profession of Massage Therapy may be a bit more difficult to do professionally. I have been planning to use the time with him to commit to writing more books and building out my blog. It’s actually perfect because in joining him, I will be traveling the world.

I am in an interesting place right now. I find that I continuously end up here, emotionally speaking. I seem to be quite comfortable with the light footprint that I have in my adopted homes. Even though I was born in South Carolina, I have lived all over, and it no longer feels like home. I adore Florida and would love to return there one day, but there is a great big world out there that I am eager to explore!
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As such, I am a couple of weeks away from wrapping things up here. I don’t buy things, because I’m in the middle of getting rid of everything. I’ve been meeting up with friends from time to time, and I have been working as much as possible. It’s just a very curious place to be. It feels like one part restlessness, one part peaceful, one part eager, one part excited. I know that in a few weeks, my life will look nothing like it has been for the past year, and I can’t wait!

I find that in my partner, I have found the perfect match for me. I love his daring nature. I respect his accomplishments. I find the stories of his travels and adventures fascinating. He keeps me guessing, yet in his presence, I feel a calm stillness and peace that I have never known. No matter what the future holds for us, I will never regret one moment with him.

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