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My New England Tour – Details & Insights

I am on the way back from my tour of New England. In the following video, I discuss the insights and details of my trip.

Road Trip to Greenville, SC

My road trip began with a stop in Greenville, South Carolina. The last time I lived in Charleston, Greenville was known as the country. I never had a reason to visit. Since I have been back, though, I keep hearing about what a great place it is. Apparently, over the past 10 or 15 years, several new car manufacturers have moved into the area, so there is a lot of culture that has come to Greenville. They have completely revitalized the area, and there are lots of Wonderful sites and attractions to see. Since I am traveling alone, and honestly have no real agenda in mind, I just drove from Charleston into Greenville and parked. Over the next 2 hours, I walked up and down the main strip and happened upon an enchanting Park right in the middle of town. It is called The Falls, and you will definitely understand why when you see it! There is a lovely waterfall that cascades over jutting rocks. There are dining and outlooks all over for anyone to sit and enjoy the view. There are ev