Amazing Grocery Stores – Appreciating Charleston

Amazing Grocery Stores – Appreciating Charleston
Amazing Grocery Stores – Appreciating Charleston
Charleston has some great grocery stores. I have a feeling that will be one thing I miss when I am living the island life.

Amazing Grocery Stores – Appreciating Charleston
On day 2 of appreciating Charleston, I began by thinking of the lovely scenery and maybe I would write something about that. Then it hit me, this place has amazing grocery stores!

When I was living in Florida, I became spoiled with Publix. Publix had everything, and the prices were really good! No matter what I wanted, Publix served it up! You can imagine my distress, then, whereupon landing in Charleston, I realized I did not have a Publix near me. Fortunately, there is one down the street from one of my jobs, so I can still get my fix weekly.

It has only been over time that Charleston has offered up these amazing stores to my consciousness. It began with the realization that there was a Trader Joe’s about 15 minutes away from me. I had always heard of Trader Joe’s, spoken about in half whispers, almost like a treasured secret to share. Sadly, I had never had the honor of visiting one. let me just say, Trader Joe’s is all that is promised and more! They have amazing food from all over the world, organic products, high-quality offerings, and incredible prices! I love this place!

The next amazing grocery store that I found was Earth Fare. I have to travel about 25 minutes to get to this place, so I don’t get to visit as often as I do Trader Joe’s, but it is another amazing store. I found this place when I was visiting my honey. He lived right down the street from it. They offer many of the same things that Trader Joe’s does, with a real focus on healthy foods and organic products. They are a bit pricier, but they have a great rewards program, so it is easy to find deals.

My sweetheart was the one who introduced me to Lidl. He is German and was excited to find a German store here locally. He particularly loved this place because they sell his bread. Apparently, American bread – particularly white bread, does not actually qualify as bread to the Germans. It is too soft and sweet. Lidl sells the dark German sourdough bread, and he was in heaven. I would regularly swing by there on the way to his place to pick up a loaf for him. Lidl also has some amazingly low prices, but they are not a cheap place at all. They also offer high-quality products.

Another German import is Aldi. I had heard about them from time to time, but they were never really on my radar. I finally had the opportunity to check this place out. They are known as a discount chain, but I would hardly consider them cheap quality. I found great prices on my mineral water and favorite cheeses. In looking them up to link for this post, I also just discovered that they own Trader Joe’s! I swear, I did not mean to turn this into a post of all things German, but they do an excellent job with grocery stores, apparently! 

So, there it is. Charleston has some great grocery stores. I have a feeling that will be one thing I miss when I am living the island life. I suppose I will need to renew my Amazon Prime membership to get my favorite products shipped to me. I’m already building my wishlist!

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