Wannamaker State Park - Appreciating Charleston

For my first day of appreciating Charleston, I decided to revisit Wannamaker State Park.

The reason was perhaps a bit subconscious at first, but it was where my darling and I would spend our Sunday mornings going for nature walks. He has been on my mind a lot, lately, and it was sweet and sad to revisit the trails that we once walked together.

Wannamaker is a lovely little park near the Charleston Southern University in North Charleston. My sweet man had purchased an annual pass last year, and when it expired, I did the same. I love going to the beach, and the pass has long since paid for itself. With that said, the price of admittance is only $2. There is a dog park, a water park, playgrounds, picnic areas, and a giant lake, but my favorite is the long, winding nature trails through the woods.

It is always such a treat to find these treasures as I am walking along. I can't help but feel like I have wandered into a fairy realm. 

When my man and I would wander down these paths, we were often silent, holding hands, me looking at the sky and the way the green of the trees contrasted with the blue of the sky. He would be searching the ground for little critters like this guy.

It was easy for my imagination to take me to a fantasy land of fairies and elves. I would be enchanted by the butterflies dancing along the breeze. The chattering antics and acrobatics of the squirrels were always amusing.

The moments I enjoyed best, though, were when I would stumble upon a deer. Today, I was fortunate enough to run into a herd of about 5 of them. I know they were as startled by me as I was by them, but it was a magical treat. I'm so happy I went back there. 

Overall, day one of appreciating Charleston went well. I am happy that I will bring lovely memories with me when I leave. I'm glad I decided to do this, and I look forward to what I will cover next. 

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