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My Peace Corps Interview

I interviewed for the Peace Corps today. The assignment for which I am being considered is in community health in South Africa.

I have been thinking about my reasons for wanting this. The Peace Corps is over a two-year commitment. I will be in a country where I am away from anything I have ever known. My family and friends will be literally a world away from me. Electricity will be spotty, and I may not even have running water. Yet, I am undeterred.

It occurred to me that I want this because I want to make a difference. I could have a comfortable life here in SC. FL is always waiting for me. For that matter, I could choose anywhere in America, and live a nice, peaceful life. I could make a decent living. I would meet someone. Hell, I might even marry again. I want none of it, though.

To me, accepting that life is like choosing my prison cell. It may be comfy. It may have amazing amenities. I may get to go on a trip once or twice a year, but my life would just be a countdown to death. I would live day to day watching my looks fade, my health seeping away, my body slowly breaking down. I may have a comfy bed to lie in, but the walls would close in around me.

No, I will not accept that. I cannot accept that. I have to believe that my life means more than a daily routine of sleep, eat, work, sleep, eat, work. I have to feel like I am giving back to make someone’s life better, even if it means leaping out of my comfort zone and into the great wide open.

Whether Mozambique is my assignment, or I am chosen for another place, I believe that it is time for me to embrace my future. It is time for me to stop putting off my dreams of adventure and make a difference.

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