Blessings and Delays

I have been sitting in literal limbo for three weeks now.

I was all set to ship out to Mozambique when the last minute delay due to visa issues derailed everything. Since then, I have been trying to calculate my next steps.

This has been frustrating because I have already sold everything, and now find myself between homes and without a car. I have been blessed to have a friend who has generously allowed me the use of his spare vehicle, but this is only temporary.

Our next departure date is set for 6 days from now, and it looks like there may be another delay, yet I have no details.

I have been pulled between wanting to just cancel everything and hoping this would just hurry and happen. I know that I can stay, although I will need to get a new car. This means I will have new financial obligations and need to return to full-time work. I have no issue with this, but I do not want to make a commitment only to back out.

I have been balancing on the edge, unable to make informed decisions about my next steps. I try to stay upbeat and philosophical about this. I am trying to find the lesson in this, and enjoy each moment. I am reluctant to unpack just to repack. I struggle with my desire for adventure and travel and the delays that I am facing right now.

I also have pulls on my heart that were not there when I made my decision to leave for 27 months. I have a new grandchild whose life I am following through pictures and video chats. I wish I could spend more time with him, but he lives far away. In a way, that has been part of my justification for leaving, knowing that I can't live with him anyway, so I'll just travel to see him when I can.

Just this morning, I was thinking about the crazy changes and volatility of the past couple of years for me. I had started collecting travel stickers for my travel suitcase and was surprised at how many I have already amassed.

Since last summer, I have been on a 3-week road trip through New England and up into Canada. I have spent a month in St Thomas and the BVI. I have been to Florida twice. I visited my grandmother's old hometown of Cape May, NJ, where I have always wanted to travel. I even finally got to spend Mardi Gras in New Orleans! Interestingly, New England and New Orleans were both bucket list trips for me.

Frustratingly, just since I've turned in my passport to obtain my Peace Corps passport, I have also missed out on trip offers to Germany, England, and Canada. That is really the most annoying part of this all! I am US-bound until this Peace Corps issue is resolved for better or worse. 

When I have tried to settle on a plan, I have almost instantly faced push-back. This means that my path forward has yet to present itself. In the meantime, I will sit in limbo, patiently anticipating the next path that will reveal itself when it is time. I just pray that I'm ready!

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