I am a 46-year-old grandmother. At no point in my life have I anticipated that this is where I would be right now. I have been living in a Covid19 world since March when I was called back home from Mozambique, Africa. For the past 5 months, I have been living with my mother in South Carolina, my daughter in Florida, and attempting to find a job. 

Life makes no sense to me anymore. I do not understand why we are unwelcome to other countries. I do not understand anything. I have friends worldwide, and yet I cannot visit them. I cannot do anything more than send text messages. 

What I have discovered is that we all, no matter what country we call home, the color of our skin, what religion we call God, or the language we speak, we all have the same goals. We want our families to be safe. We want opportunity and prosperity for our children. We want to be rewarded for the hard work that we do. 

I am someone who has NEVER battled with depression or hopelessness, yet I find that I a daily dealing with this. It is unsettling. 

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