What is Freedom to Me?

What is freedom?

The name of my blog is Countdown to Freedom, and I have been wondering just what that means, and when will I know I have arrived?

As a wife, I never felt free. I had obligations and could not go where I wanted any time I wanted. As a mother, I had children to care for and provide for. As a business owner, I had obligations to clients. 

I am now sitting on a dormant volcano in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. My children are grown. I've been divorced for many years. I closed my practice some years back. Am I free now?

While I do not have a partner that I live with, I certainly have people that I love and stay in contact with. My children will always be important to me, but they are now grown and living their own lives. I work, but I can certainly leave or transfer if I wanted. 

The constraints I feel now are the ones that I least considered for many years. I feel the constraints of nations now. I have never felt trapped by my country or in my country until Covid. It breaks my heart that people I love and want to see are being kept from me because our countries are still locked down from travel. 

For most of my youth, I could not explore because I was a single parent and was raising children. That time is past now, and I want to see the world. I want to live in lands and in cultures unknown to me. I am happy to take my vaccine, abide by the rules, and be patient, but I am itching to work out my passport again. 

Maui is certainly a nice enough place to wait out a pandemic. While I am here, I am going to experience all I can. I suppose what freedom really means for me is the ability to break free from my constant desire for the next big adventure and enjoy what I have now. 

And so, I am trying not to see the giant cage trapping me, and instead enjoy the beauty of this island in the middle of the Pacific that millions come to visit. It really is a gorgeous place. Never fear, though, the minute my cage door is left open, I'll escape!

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