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My Life of Before

I'm so happy - so utterly happy, I'm floating upon cloud nine;
But far down below,
I'm being towed into my life of before.
You don't understand the way that I was
(And I’m certain you don’t really care)
I’m yours now, the way that you want it,
Why should it matter what was?

Perhaps because deep in my subconscious sleep,
A part of me wants to be there.
It subtly hints, then flickers, then sprints,
Leaving me here with you.
I love you, I do - I'll always be true,
And yes, it's you that I want.
I try to forget about how much it meant
To be free as a bird in flight.
You clipped my wings,
And yes, it seems,
I've fallen down into your arms.

Don't misunderstand me,
You're all that I want and need and love and desire.
It's just that at times
(Such as deep in the night)
I hear a faint glimmer, or a tiny, slight whisper,
Of memories of a life long ago,
And then I remember...

Those days long ago when I was free,
Lost, but discovering me.
Spending my days wi…