Journal 7/24 and 7/25/06

I have been thinking of writing for weeks now. I think about whether I wish to write stories, poems, a journal...whatever. I have thought about buying a journal, where I could go to write, what I say. I finally went to Barnes and Nobles on Saturday and spent an hour trying to find just the right kind. I looked for price, style, and refills. I found one for about $7 that I was going to buy, but I finally settled on this one that was $14. I then bought a $4 pen that I am not even using right now.

Since I have purchased this book, I have thought about when I could get away to write. I don't have any privacy or time to myself. If I sit at my desk, I will get calls from clients and questions from coworkers. It is also ridiculously cold with the AC inside, so right now I am sitting in the light, misting rain on the rooftop deck of my office building.

I spend a lot of time reading the news nowadays. I read about local, National, and International events...just about anything that strikes my fancy. I am so frustrated with Republicans vs. Democrats, US vs. Iraq, Lebanon vs Israel. I think our president [George W. Bush] is an ignorant monkey that is out only for the good of his wallet. I spend days dreaming and praying for some glimmer of hope.
Ironically, I have things pretty good. I make a tolerable wage, though goodness knows it's never enough! I am also married to the man of my dreams.

3:30 p.m. My son called me when I was writing before. I am suffering from a general lack of focus. I have so many ideas, but I have other people to consider, so I never have the opportunity to just take a chance. I took a leap of faith with my husband's business, and we are struggling financially because he has not moved on it.

7/25/06 7:01 p.m.
I interviewed at a new place today and it is very likely I will be putting in my notice tomorrow.

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