Journal 7/28/06

2:02 a.m. I fell asleep around 8 p.m. last night, so now I am wide awake. I have been lying in bed for the past hour, trying to get back to sleep. Finally, I decided to just come out to the living room and write for a bit.

They called me around 10:30 yesterday to say that my test results said I was basically made for the job. They are running a SLED check on me, but I have no criminal record, so that is merely a formality. I am so ready to start work there!

Yesterday, after hanging up with them, I put in my notice with my boss. He told me I was always welcome back. I appreciated hearing that. My immediate supervisor was out with another sales executive doing agency calls in Florence, but my boss told me to call him. We are supposed to talk about my account list today, but we seem to be in agreement that the lady I have been grooming will take over. I have contacted a few of my clients to give them a heads up, and next week, I plan to take her on some calls with me.

I wish that my bills were all caught up going into this new job, but I've been in tighter spots before. I will get another couple of checks from the paper, and I will also get some minimal pay during training period. We will be ok eventually, but it certainly would be nice to have more of a cushion. I just can't wait until this time next year, when I'm rolling in money!

I cleaned out most of my desk yesterday. I could have waited, but I saw no need. I left there mentally several months ago. My computer is already pretty clean, and I've saved most of my emails and contacts to my coworker's computer. I need to forward my emails and my phone to her for some time. I'm just ready for it to be over.

I never have heard anymore about the other position since the award ceremony a week or so ago. I wonder if I said or did something to sabotage it. I swear I can't remember doing anything bad, but who knows? I suppose I'll have my answer when he finds out about this. I hope it isn't too terribly awkward. I gave him plenty of opportunity, though. It's been 6 weeks or more! I have to assume that, for whatever reason, that job was not meant to be. After speaking with the new company, I'm sure that this new job is the one I was meant for.

Its 2:24 a.m. now, and I am still not ready for bed. I wonder if my nights will be like this for a while. It's too bad I haven't been drinking lately. A good nip would put me to sleep! After our blowout (with my husband) last Friday because of my drinking, I just stopped. I love my wine, but I suppose I do have an issue with limits. Alcohol does age you, and I have no desire to look older before my time. I have no wish to be a teetotaler, but I will remain dry for a few weeks.

My old dog, Bandit, is breathing very loudly right now. It's amazing that he still is as healthy as he is! He was born 10/31/92 - he'll be 14 years old!

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