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My Walk With God

I was born to a Catholic mother and a formerly Presbyterian father. Neither parent was particularly religious, though both believed in God.


I am the oldest sibling of two. This was a burden that was drilled into me time and again: “Be nice to your sister.” “One day, you will be all that you have.” “Take care of your sister, Kandace. You’re the one in charge.” I vacillated between pride and resentment.

Last Night

I went to bed last night around 10 pm – the average time for me as a working mom. As I was laying in my bed, waiting for sleep to descend, I heard the wind whistling outside, and suddenly I remembered something I had forgotten for years.

Competition Is the Fire in My Blood

I come from a long line of competitive people. It doesn’t matter the game: poker, UNO, Monopoly, Scabble, Checkers, Chess. What should be a fun family game night often turned into a bloodbath. You either jumped in and took your shots, or you were quickly side-lined. I remember my dear old grandma would sandbag me in UNO with ill-concealed glee. My Dad would tell me he was building character as I had to draw another 4 cards from the deck. My Aunt would attempt alliances, but all bets were off if it meant coming in second place. I love the tale of my Mom almost stabbing my Dad in the hand with a fork when he gloated just a bit too long after he won. Our family was like living with all of the drama and suspense of a great Shakespearean play. A favorite saying in my family was, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” What I didn’t realize then was just how true that was.

It's a Beautiful Day in my Neighborhood

I have made several decisions in my life that look like spontaneous and economically dangerous decisions. Some friends and family members believe that several of these decisions were absolutely insane. Foolish decision #1: I decided to get married at 18 right before graduating from high school. Was it foolish? Absolutely! Was it a mistake? Without a doubt! Am I sorry? Hell no! By getting married to a Marine at 18, I was able to get out of my mom's house, move to California, and most importantly, I had my beautiful son.  Add to that, it also gave me the kick in the rear that I needed to get into college.

The Sun Will Come Out Again, I Promise!

I am a naturally upbeat person. I always see the glass half full and firmly believe that tomorrow is another day. It is with this natural outlook that I keep waiting for the end of the pervasive pessimism in the world today. Yes, we are in recession. I know this because I struggle financially, have an spouse who was laid off, and who has been unable to find a new job. I know because I cannot escape the on-going drumbeat of negativity.