The Sun Will Come Out Again, I Promise!

I am a naturally upbeat person. I always see the glass half full and firmly believe that tomorrow is another day. It is with this natural outlook that I keep waiting for the end of the pervasive pessimism in the world today. Yes, we are in recession. I know this because I struggle financially, have an spouse who was laid off, and who has been unable to find a new job. I know because I cannot escape the on-going drumbeat of negativity.
In an effort to stay informed, I listen to NPR, watch CNN, read NY Times, scan the headlines as I play on Facebook. It is a colossal endeavor to sift through the dooms-day scenarios. Where was the budgetary alarm last year? Where was the anger directed at the wealthy when we were approving tax breaks? Is it really the end of the world because we have a Democrat in office? Yes, really crappy things happen - every single day, to good people, to innocent people, to all religions, races, get the picture. That is part of the natural flow of life. Is it too much to hope that we can actually see the green shoots through the snow? Can we not see that we have a new president with a new outlook? Do we have to watch every rebound of the stock market with a cynical eye that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy?

I am a Gen-Xer. My parents are Baby Boomers. I have grown up during the boom times, and yes, things look pretty bad right now. BUT, I have also read history. I know that the Roaring 20s were followed by the Great Depression. I know that the Roman Empire fell, we suffered through the Middle Ages, then rebounded with the Renaissance. This is a cycle, and it is my humble opinion that life is too short to wallow in this negativity. Please, fight Global Warming because it is the right thing to do. Please, give money to Education, Women's rights, and Health Care because it is the moral thing to do. Please spare me the nonsense about a blown budget when we have been spending on credit for 30 years and the "pork" that is often cut are exactly the programs that society needs to battle social problems.

Finally, calm down. As my mother always says, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." We might just become a super power again.

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