I Must Be Getting Old…

A friend of mine invited me to a Halloween party about 3 weeks ago. I had already secured my 13 year old as a sitter tonight, and was ready to go. Then, she came to me begging to be allowed to go to her boyfriend’s playoff game. After much back and forth, I finally relented. Now, I am sitting at home on a Saturday night, working on a quick blog post, and listening to the news before heading to bed.

I find that my social life and network is slipping away. They are still out there (I hope!) but I feel my life turning more and more inward toward family life. Truthfully, I am so tired after a day with the kids that I don’t have the energy to play. I know I would have had a wonderful time at this party tonight, and yet, laying here on my bed and typing right now, I can’t imagine staying up that late. I guess I am just getting old.

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